Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blog Redesign

We redesigned the blog to use the newest Blogger features. This lets me not have to maintain the 2002 html code we had before and lets us have some new features like adding comments directly on the post page.

We, of course, kept the signature background color.


  1. Very nice, clean look! Definitely an improvement.

  2. Definitely. Still very green, though :)

  3. It might be the signature color, but I think it makes reading a bit tiring. Anyway, I use Google Reader so it doesn't bother me much :-)

  4. amazing
    the green is amazing as well
    now lets return to math

  5. If you want any feedback about the "look", then please consider either removing the red lines, or changing them to a more neutral color. (Apologies for sounding like an interior decorator, but the red clashes with the green. And it says "Xmas!" to my eyes.)

    From a long-time reader

  6. much better!
    the green does not bother me anymore :)