Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

Lots of CS Goodness going on at FCRC June 4-11.

  • New for 2011 the STOC Poster Session: Share your exciting research on theory's greatest stage! Submission deadline May 2. Come and enjoy the posters and some refreshments Monday night. 
  • Les Valiant gives his Turing award lecture Sunday evening followed by the STOC reception.
  • Other great plenary speakers including Watson's David Ferrucci, reCAPTCHA's Luis von Ahn and theory's own Ravi Kannan. 
  • The ever fun STOC Business Meeting on Tuesday (hosted by yours truly) including the presentations of this year's Gödel and Knuth prizes.
  • There's also some conferences: STOC (Mon-Wed), Complexity (Wed-Fri), EC (Tutorials/Workshops Sun-Mon, Conference Tue-Thu), PODC (Mon-Wed), SPAA (Sat-Mon) and many more.
  • Act now if you need a visa or STOC student travel support.
Register today (or by May 16 to avoid late fees) and I'll see you all in San Jose!


  1. There's also some conferences

    Lance usually does a good job with grammar. There are also some conferences...

  2. but that is the typical americano slang mistake.

    there's so many problems out there ?