Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do you want to review a book

I will be sending my next book review column for SIGACT NEWS off on July 28, 2010. It has LOTS of books on its BOOKS I WANT REVIEWED list. YOU get a chance to look at the book list and request one to review before the list goes out (if you do this then I will modify the list).

Here is a link to the list of books I want reviewed HERE. If you see a book you want then email me at the name of the book and your postal address. We will then work out details over email- when the review is due, and whether me or the publisher sends it to you. I would like you to email me before July 28 so I can take those books off the list, but if you email after that date and the book you want is still available, that will be fine.

Before volunteering you should read my advice for reviewers.

Here is a LaTeX Template.


  1. The links are broken.


    (until it gets fixed)

  3. There is a typo on the list: the number 3 of Semantic and Programming Languages should be

    From semantics to computer science: Essays in honour of Gilles Kahn Edited by Bertot, Huet, Levy, Plotkin.

    You wrote "Gilles Kahan".

  4. Number 2 of Semantics and Programming Languages is edited by Simon Gay, not Gray.

  5. I have fixed all typos and fixed
    the link- thanks all!

    bill g

  6. The other two links are still broken.

  7. No links works for me either.

  8. The advice link is

  9. I have fixed the links.

    APOLOGIES to my readers for having them broken in the first place.

    THANKS to my the commenters
    who pointed it out
    (my computer thinks that
    commenters is not a word.
    Oh well.)

  10. broken links are broken

  11. Last Anon- are the links still broken?
    They work when I link; however, if you
    can't get to them perhaps others cannot also. If they don't work for you then
    email me directly what is happening and we'll see what we can do about this.