Thursday, February 11, 2010


(Univ of MD at College Park had Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday all off. I've spend most of that time shoveling snow, so I am tired. Hence I am glad to have a SHORT post today- easier on the hands and arms.)

ADDED LATER-- I won't post Friday - instead I will add to this post. Note that there is NO PAGE LIMIT for FOCS submission! Is this a new policy? Have other conferences done this? It makes sense with e-proceedings to have no page limit for FINAL versions, but for Submissions. Might be hard on the committee and the sub-referees. PRO- people can include complete proofs and may be expected to. This will lead to better quality submission and less chance of error. CON- if you are restricted to 10 pages you are forced to make your point and shut up. PRO- Your submission and your final version and your journal version can be similar so less hassle changing formats. What do you think?

FOCS 2010 call for papers is out. Where is the link? You just read it! I did? Third Base!

Most important byte of info: April 7 is submission deadline. If a student said that he was sick and had a doctors note, you would likely give him an extension for a deadline. For FOCS, if a potential submitter tells the program chair that he is sick, I doubt he'll get an extension.

IF you had your paper rejected from STOC then should you submit to FOCS? It would be nice (though hard to really do) if the reports from STOC said Even though the paper was turned down, it was one of those papers which could have gone either way, so it could get into FOCS or XXX. or Your paper is not worthy of STOC or FOCS or XXX.

I am writing THIS before I actually post (duh). Right now if you type FOCS 2010 into Google, Our FOCS conference is the SECOND entry. Here is hoping that this post will boost it to the top.


  1. On the other hand, Bing doesn't get it on the first page, even if you query "+focs 2010" to avoid all the automobile webpages.

  2. "For FOCS, if a potential submitter tells the program chair that he is sick, I doubt he'll get an extension."

    But maybe the FOCS proceedings could at least have an 'Excuses' appendix where they reprinted notes from everyone's doctors--to explain our plight to the world.

  3. "... if the reports from STOC said ..."

    What makes you hopeful that reports from STOC will be mailed out before FOCS deadline?

  4. I don't see any real difference in the submission format. Everything above 10 pages "will be read at the committee's discretion."

    So the only difference seems to be that it is not required to have a clearly marked appendix.

  5. Why did "Femme of Color Symposium (FOCS) 2010" take place in March of 2009?