Friday, July 10, 2009

Will the real Adam Smith please stand up, please stand up, please stand up

I thought about doing a post on ADVICE FOR GOING TO CCC 2009, but I recalled that my advice from a 2007 blog posting will suffice..

CONGRADS to Adam Smith and Sean Hallgren for being among the 100 people who won the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers award (PECASE).

Adam Smith (the same one as above) recently began a blog focusing on CRYPTO issues. here it is

To quote Adam Smith:

It was started around the same time as Jon Katz's blog, also with the goal of providing the crypto community a place for online discussions. Here is my explanation of why it's needed: here

If you google Adam Smith you get around 4,700,000 hits. Most are, of course, to the ecomomist or things associated to him (e.g., Adam Smith Think Tank) However, the FIRST Google Page does include our Adam Smith.


  1. There seems to be some confusion here as to whether "our" Adam Smith and the economist are the same person. In fact, I think they are -- "our" Adam Smith lists his economics books on his webpage as well.

  2. Thanks!

    As I mentioned in a comment on Suresh's blog, there is another theoretical computer scientist (& applied mathematician), Joel Tropp from Caltech, on the list of PECASE awardees (under Department of Defense).

    Re the real Adam Smith: I keep the Wealth of Nations link on my homepage for the roughly biannual kick of having someone ask me how I had time to write such a long book about economics. So far, no one important has gotten confused...

  3. The trick to search for "our" (i.e. crypto) adam is to also use his middle initial: adam d smith

    It has never failed for me. Always the first link...

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