Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bit Pieces

The Electronic Commerce accepted papers have been posted. EC will be held as part of the FCRC in San Diego in June. EC has also announced workshops on Networked Systems/Incentive-Based Computing, Prediction Markets and Data Engineering Issues in E-Commerce and Services which you can still submit paper to.

Carnegie Mellon will host OurCS: Opportunities for Undergraduate Research In Computer Science,October 5-7 for undergraduate woman. In addition to providing the participants opportunities to network, to meet role models, to learn about graduate school and jobs in CS, the conference will be unique in that undergraduate student teams will be embarking on research projects led by researchers from industry and academia. There will also be opportunities for students to present their own work as well as team results.

DIMACS in New Jersey is now hosting the Homeland Security Center for Dynamic Data Analysis (DyDAn), which plans to develop techniques to analyze massive flows of data arriving continuously over time. DyDAn should give theoretical computer scientists and discrete mathematicians the opportunity to put much of their research into practice as well as develop new theoretical tools.

In more DIMACS news, Rebecca Wright will become the new Deputy Director of DIMACS with the eventual plan to succeed Fred Roberts as director. I'm sure Rebecca will do a great job but she has a tough act to follow.

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