Sunday, April 25, 2004

G�del Prize

From the PODC (distributed computing) mailing list via Harry Buhrman. Usually the winners are kept secret until the ICALP or STOC conference but the PODC mailing list has already broken the news.
It has been recently announced that this year's winners of the Gödel Prize are

As we all know, the result was initially published simultaneously in STOC 1993 also by Eli Gafni and Liz Borowski, but the Gödel Prize is awarded only to journal articles.

Congratulations to the winners!

Note that for the second time, the Gödel's Prize honors a core PODC topic (in 1997, Joe Halpern and Yoram Moses won the prize). This is a sign both of the scientific quality of the PODC community, as well as the respect it wins in the theoretical CS world at large.

In case you are counting, that's Complexity 5, PODC 2.

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