Monday, March 08, 2004

Seeing the Same People in Different Places

This week I'm visiting the University of Calgary and although I have never been here before it seems like a homecoming. They have a strong quantum computing group with several people out of my past.
  • Richard Cleve - I first got interested in quantum computing when Cleve had a short visit to CWI in Amsterdam during my sabbatical there in 1997. But our true bond comes from being stranded together in Tokyo after 9/11.
  • John Watrous - The reason I drink my coffee black.
  • Peter Høyer - Cleve and I were the foreign committee members at Høyer's Ph.D. defense in Denmark.
  • Hartmut Klauck - Klauck had a postdoc at IAS while I was at NEC nearby.
  • Hein Röhrig - A new postdoc in Calgary fresh from his defense in Amsterdam. Röhrig also was a summer intern at NEC.
Seeing the same faces in different places. Yet another oddity of the academic life.

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