Sunday, November 09, 2003

CISE Reorganization

The Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate of the NSF has completed it reorganization. The CISE web site details the new structure.

CISE now has four divisions. Instead of each division have a large number of specific programs, each division contains a smaller number of clusters covering a broader research area. I'm happy to see "Computational Complexity" specifically mentioned in the Formal and Mathematical Foundations Cluster in the Division of Computing & Communication Foundations. However it shares that cluster with such diverse topics as "computational algorithms for high-end scientific and engineering applications" and "analysis of images, video, and multimedia information." Hopefully funding panels will meet in the more specific areas to avoid trying to compare proposals from vastly different areas of computer science.

Quantum and Biological Computing sit in a different CCF cluster, Emerging Models and Technologies for Computation. This shows NSF's hopes for these new technologies but may also give them a way to phase out these areas if the technologies don't show promise.

Program announcements for the CCF clusters are still under development. The ITR solicitation is still not expected until Thanksgiving. So if you plan a grant proposal this year, you'll still need to wait.

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