Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Talk to Me

How has the internet most affected the study of science? In one word: communication: the ability for scientists to discuss and share their research with each other quickly and cheaply. So I strive to find new ways to use the internet to improve communication. Starting this weblog is one such example. I'd thought I would try another: Instant Messaging.

Now many of you are thinking I am crazy, but for different reasons. Some of you out there have been using instant messaging for years and wondering how I could consider it s "new" technology. But many of you out there have barely figured out how to read your email attachments and have hardly even heard of IM.

On a trial basis, for my weblog readers, I will welcome your instant messages. Talk to me about this weblog, about complexity and computer science in general or about whatever you want. Maybe I'll start a trend and all computer scientists will IM each other. Maybe not but it's worth trying out.

I'm using Yahoo Instant Messaging; my Yahoo id is the imaginative "fortnow" (note: I do not read email sent to I put a button on the left column of the weblog home page that tells you when I am online and you can click to connect. I look forward to hearing from you.

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