Thursday, July 24, 2003

The Move

Way back when I was a graduate student, I moved from Berkeley to MIT. I put what few belongings I had into boxes and shipped them via UPS. My brother flew out and we drove across the country together. Those were the days.

Now making the move back to Chicago is not nearly so simple. We have houses to sell and buy. Getting our kids ready for a new school. Real estate agents, lawyers, mortgage and insurance people to deal with. Meanwhile there is academic work that needs to get done before the real move. Conference and grant deadlines don't move to accommodate my move.

So this weblog might get a little spotty until I get settled into Chicago, sometime in mid-September. I'll try to find some time for some posts during that time but don't expect too much. If you are having complexity weblog withdrawal check out the archives. Nice thing about complexity--old stuff doesn't (usually) get stale.

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